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Since 200, DEMOLICIONES FT S.L. has been acknowledged by the R.E.R.A. (Register of Enterprises with Asbestos Risks), in order to realize disassembling of fibre cement plates.

We are authorized to disassemble roofs, drains, wastepipes, pipelines, depots and any other object that may contain asbestos in its composition.

We dispose of a crane truck equipped with vacuum aspiration to treat the plates. The material is packaged properly by our workmen, and transported by our vehicles to dumping grounds, authorized for the treatment of these residues.
Our insurance company deals with the realization of measurements of fibre cement in the air in our workplace, watching the health of our employees by measuring the risk of exposure to asbestos and also organizes courses on the prevention of work related risks in the sector.

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Asbestos is a composition of hydrated silicate fibres, damaging to health and not detectable by the naked eye. LEGISLATION R,D, 396/2006.
LEGISLACI?"N R,D, 396/2006

Without proper treatment, permanent contact with the fibres of fibre cement through inhalation of the small particles that float in the air, can be very harmful to health as the particles start to deposit in the lungs, provoking diseases like breathing difficulties, asbestosis and cancer.


  1. Realization of a Safety Plan specifically for asbestos.
  2. Presentation of this plan to the highly competent labour authorities for its approval.
  3. Waiting for a favourable resolution before starting the work (with a maximum of 45 days without response, according to R.D. one can start the work by means of a silence procedure).
  4. Analysis and measurement of the asbestos, to be carried out by the insurance company before start of, during and by completion of the disassembling.
  5. Installation of the prevention of contamination unit (DECOM), in order to not only guarantee quality, but also the health of our employees who are working on the retreat of the asbestos.
  6. Realization of the work, following the indicated prevention measures of the Safety Plan.
  7. The employees that realize the work, are properly schooled and specialized in executing retreat of asbestos ??" they are continuously submitted to courses, which augment as well as refresh their knowledge on the subject.
  8. The PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) are special for this type of work: disposable suits, anti-particles masks, gloves, etc.
  9. The asbestos boards will be loaded and transported to authorized dumping grounds, presenting the corresponding certificate upon completion, specifying the quantity and provenance.