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Company of excavations

¨Franciso Ternero S.L.¨ is a company from Malaga with extensive business experience in the field of demolitions, transport and excavations in Malaga city and province.

Adding to this experience, the decent, professional and highly qualified staff as well as the latest technologic improvement in machinery and in installation, we consider ourselves in the best position to offer you a service of high quality and tailored to your specific needs.

We also dispose of an inscription en the R.E.R.A. (Register of Enterprises with Asbestos Risks) in five Andalusian provinces, for disassembling fibre cement plates (asbestos) and agreements for the withdrawal of the same at dumping grounds with authorized treatments.

With the objective of offering you a better service, and to keep on improving at the same rhythm as the new technologies, we present you our website.

We hope this website serves you to get to know our company a little bit better, know that the site is totally confidential, and please let us remind you that we will remain at your entire disposal.

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As a result of our efforts, we have several certifications.

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With our drive for being able to comply with and give our clients the best service, the company is acknowledged and registered in the R.E.R.A. (Register of Enterprises with Asbestos Risks) in five Andalusian provinces since 2003. Equipping ourselves with the new technologies for evacuation of these substances (hoisting cranes with absorbing accessories to pick up asbestos plates) and so disposing of a staff that is perfectly trained and qualified on this matter. Collaborator of the department of nature conservation of the Spanish gendarmerie (SEPRONA). Further we have a team, trained by the prevention experts of our insurance company "Ibermutuamur¨, responsible for watching the health of our employees by means of successive measures, as well for the asbestos workers as for the rest of the staff. Gemasur, our recognized business minder for the treatment of fibre cement, disposes of a toxic dumping site for this material, ratifying of course that these materials are treated within their installations. 

As a result of our efforts, we have received serveral awards, to single out an example: "El Premio Master a la Popularidad 2003" (Popularity award).


The management team chooses a company policy where the quality of the work and the satisfaction of the customer's needs are its main objective, always respecting the current regulations. Together with seriousness, responsibility, cordiality and a good working environment, they are the basis of a future project that is aimed at the constant diversification and expansion of the field of activities (treatment and recycling of debris), the renewal and acquisition of the most modern work equipment, the incorporation of the latest technologies (GPS) and the continuous training of the work team.

Our staff has received accredited training in height courses implemented by the Royal Fire Brigade of Malaga. We are also collaborators of this body in rescue training.

Continuing with this previous guideline, we are proud to say that for our company:

"Quality and Well-being at Work together with The Satisfaction of Our Customers", are our raison d'être.

Vehicle fleet

For excavation, grading and earthmoving work in confined spaces.

Equipped with special features to meet industrial needs.

For transporting and unloading bulk cargo such as soil, sand, gravel, rubble and other materials.


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